Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playing Footsies

I do believe it was sincere, from the goodness of his heart and not merely tongue-in-cheek when the venerable Kelantan MB Nik Aziz suggested that both PAS and UMNO be dissolved to preserve the so called "Malay/Muslim unity" and a new party formed. He probably also knew that this was not going to happen, not until hell freezes over, that is. He said this in response to reports of post elections clandestine meetings between some PAS and UMNO bigwigs which turned out to be just desperate moves by the latter to cling on to power.

Blogger Rocky was wary and saw this coming about a week ago when he wrote "A New Party called Pasumno?", here. Perhaps also Raja Petra Kamarudin was more forthright when he wrote "The Malay unity sodomy conspiracy", here.

Like the Tok Guru, I was very skeptical about this. I am also pretty sure it is not going to happen. After all, good Muslims should not even be seen to play footsies, which is tantamount to bersubahat or in cahoots with a bunch of thieves.


  1. If PASUMNO becomes a reality then UMNO probably got hold of PAS by the balls becos PASUMNO = PAS U MUST NOT OBJECT ok ? Tok Guru can smell this 1 mile away!

    de minis

  2. Looks like it is certainly "game over" for the umno side.
    As Nik Aziz proposed something that umno will chickens out.
    Great poker game strategy there by Nik Aziz and it was done without offending any Malaysians.
    Only umno and bn were offended.
    We ALL know that umno will NOT sacrifice their power.

  3. I don't believe this will ever happen either. I said this in reply to another post in another blog and I'll repeat here : that they're similar in many aspects is outweighed by their secular differences, and this is where they lock heads - their ego, their practices, their political outlook. Any rebranding in the name of religion is just snakes clothing themselves with sheep skin.

  4. PAS has some claim to a higher moral standing. But I really can't see the UMNO leaders leaving all their vested interests behind. Therefore, PASUMNO is a fantasy. But it's a good call by the Tok Guru.

  5. Captain, is footsie akin to khalwat and if two men are withing reach of each other (hands or feet) is it close proximity?

  6. dear AM: your take ia ala Solomonesque Nik Aziz, whom I admire in politics as men of principles, only Other I can cite is Dr Syed Husin Ali.

    as for khun pana's obs that "Only umno and bn were offended...", I add that like a sore thumb looking for a fight where NONE was intended bythe PAS sage was Karpal Singh,who only uses DAP to prosper his Biz,othervice -- why no service centre for many terms as MP in Penang? (Constituents had to join the paying legal customers at hislwa office...)--Desi

  7. UMNO is bankrupt in terms of moral integrity dignity etc etc!!!
    PAS should learn from their past lesson in dealing with can you cahoots with the bunch of baruah....

  8. Tok Guru memperli juak2 yang nak bermuzakarah PAS-UMNO.....sindiran orang alim ni halus kekadang tajam.

    It will never happen...wait till kucing bertanduk.

  9. Captain,
    UMNO is exploiting any possible issue to break up PR. In a way they have succeeded when Karpal lost his senses and started boiling over.

  10. OMG ! Just watch the opening of this interview with the Deputy IGP regarding the sodomy case of Datuk Seri Anwar.

    Notice how he says:

    “….yang telah melakukan kesalahan liwat….”

    and also watch closely his body language. NOTICE ANYTHING???

    Link :


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