Saturday, September 13, 2008

The arrests have begun

I have delayed writing about Raja Petra Kamarudin's arrest under the Internal Security Act (ISA) yesterday afternoon because I had a sneaking suspicion that there was going to more, and I was right. This was after the ban on his website Malaysia Today was lifted and "Pete" had foretold that the BN government was up to something sinister. Read the Malaysiakini report, here.

Hot on his heels, Sin Chew Daily News reporter Tan Hoon Cheng and MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok were also nabbed by the police late last night under Section 73(1) of the Act. The former was arrested for breaking the news on the mamak boria, who got away lightly (read my previous blog) and the latter for allegedly complaining about noise pollution. These two ladies who were only doing their jobs are deemed by a desperate government, now in shambles due to infighting, as being a "threat to national security".


The rakyat is now expected to take to the streets in protest, but lets not lose our marbles like the way they did. Its now up to Anwar to make good his promise of sending these BN goons packing come September 16.

BN and ISA must go.


  1. Captain,
    What is happening is beyond my comprehension. It is one way to the abyss of anarchy just to cling on to power. The promise by DSAI to have an election immediately after taking over is very enticing indeed to show the BN leaders especially UMNO that they are not relevant anymore. But first Anwar must deliver when 916 comes. A few days different should be OK given the current attempt by BN leaders to thwart it. He must also remember that any additional days added will only mean an additional loss of credibility and the BN goons will play the issue to the hilt.

  2. Another dark day in our nation's history.

  3. Captain I agree with you. Yes, DSAI MUST deliver NOW.

    Any excuse for not being able to is unwelcome. Any delay is full of dangers.

    As the rakyat await in apprehensive hope, the burden to prove right is with DSAI.

    Otherwise, the rakyat would be so devastated that the national motivation inventory would sink so low that we will lose completely to all the neighboring nations -economically, politically and socially.

    And if that happens, our unborn children will pay the price for our mistakes.

    J. D. Lovrenciear

  4. Anwar should have kept his operations covert. Forewarned is forearmed and these people are so power-crazy they lose all rational thought and become ruthless. Now they are gradually silencing our messengers of hope. What a weekend! They even chose FRIDAY to arrest RPK!!!! Where's the rationale in that? I read MT articles daily and although RPK has written articles on Islam/Muslims I don't find them seditious.

  5. Captain Sir,

    This is the most outrageous and uncivilized action by Abdullah Badawi to-date.
    Abdullah is trying to divert attention from umno internal power struggle, a big shame on Abdullah.
    Abdullah must go and BN government must go !

  6. My Ancient Bones are so tired. Teresa Kok did not make those comments that Utusan Malaysia alleges she did. Utusan based its story on my Mother's dentist from Kajang whose parents were born in Jawa.

    My understanding is that if one lies during this Holy month, the consequences of the sin is magnified 2 times. I hope the dentist, Utusan Malaysia, and those responsible will remember this.

    Anyway, we will all face our Maker. We have to bear the consequences of our actions.

    BobSam @ Ancient Bones

  7. The story about Teresa Kok complaining about azan has ben proven to be a fake and now the mosque authorities have lodged a police report against Toyo.

    The real reason for Teresa's arrest is that she was the 1st MP to raise th ealert on the Ahmad Ismail affair, which is consistent with the arrest of Sin Chew reporter Tan Cheng Hoon.

    There can be little doubt the Rip Van winkle is totally not in control and therefore everything is being orchestrated by the heir apparent, Rosemajibbed!

    We are rset assured that this administration which is in its death throes will fall within a week.
    refer my blog Sept 16th Chronicles-sighful's Pregnant & Alibabaji & the 43rd Thief

  8. Pak Lah wants to try something like what Che Det did but he does not have enough IQ to see it through. Arresting 2 ladies who were just doing this job while throwing up all kinds of lame excuses (Utusan Meloya the great instigator was never never punished) to protect their own people has convinced even more people now that the whole BN ship must be sunk.

    Anwar! The broadside please!

  9. Hi Capt.,
    This I believe, has nothing to do with AAB - he surrendered the Home Ministry to "you-know-who" - and now there is a conflict of interest in the hierarchy.

    Like I said .... I wouldn't write-off "the old man" as yet!
    And I believe that "somebody" is spoiling for a fight he isn't getting.

    We all know who the real target is.
    Let's see what they do next to rile up sentiments they claim is caused by the scapegoats they pick on ...

  10. Captain,
    That minister lied through his teeth on Prime News tonight when he said Teresa Kok asked the azan to be stopped where as there was no such thing. He was just trying to be another lying Toyol. Now we know why the MSM spin stories as their leaders are liars themselves.
    Sad day for Malaysia.

  11. I am totally disgusted with the bn govt and especially the antics of some umno members. The utter irresponsible behaviour and actions which have culimnated with the ISA ARRESTS, leads me to believe Malaysia is bring governed by a bunch of lunatics who have taken over the asylum. This includes the flip-flop decisions and bersumpah saiful, pusrawi DR'S notes, Police selective prosecuting and threats leads one to be astonished at what lengths some people will go to stay relevant and in power. With utter disgust, as my up bringing will not allow me to utter 4 letter words I have therefore come up with a few rejoinders,
    I have a new title for umno & BN cabinet members. for acting and behaving like morons and retards,
    YANG BERKURAP aka kucing kurap
    Yang berSCUM-BAGS

    So the next time you call them YB, DON'T FORGET THESE TITLES.

  12. Hi Capt,

    BN is trying to stir unrest to the country in the hope that people take the street protest. That is exactly that they wanted so that they can use that excuse to squash their foe... who is actually the rakyat the voters! SO I think the current government days are numbered and they know it as well but still in the state of denial (follow Pak Lah style I think).

    With fikiran sempit, BN have used draconian ISA to silent people. Malay saying “Mulut tempayan boleh tutup but mulut seorang susah”! But where millions of the mulut rakyat are now talking about the injustice and mismanagement of the government machinery and so forth it is impossible to “tutup mulut” rakyat.

    By placing RPK into ISA was their worst action, not only this will further heighten the uprising of rakyat spirit who are against it but this has also became the worldwide news of how the BN government putting clamp on writers for political reasons under ISA, what a shame.



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