Monday, September 15, 2008

Blog House Vigil

(Photo courtesy BandarSungaiLong)

It was a last minute thingy, but about a couple of hundred concerned citizens of all races including young children assembled in the intermittent rain at the Blog House in Damansara last night for a candle light vigil. The meet was to show solidarity in support of blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) and Seputeh MP Teresa Kok who has been arrested under the dreaded Internal Security Act (ISA) and whose whereabouts are not known.

(Sin Chew Daily's Tan Hoon Cheng has been released after a 24 hour "protective custody", so says Syed Hamid who probably thinks we are all idiots).

Many prominent bloggers addressed the crowd, including yours truly (photo). Other guest speakers include Bar Council president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and MPs Wee Choo Keong and Sivarasa Rasiah.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reports, here, that Pakatan Rakyat has announced a mass rally against the government crackdown on the eve of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim's deadline to take power through defections from the ruling coalition. The rally will take place tonight at the Kelana Jaya Stadium. Be there.


  1. Captain Sir,

    Thank you for standing up and to be counted in opposing this oppression and intimidation.

    Lets hope this will be the last straw that broke the camel back for BN .

  2. Hmmm.. the police gave permission for today's (15/9) gathering at such times? Hmmm.. very very suspicious...I have a very bad feel that this gathering is going to go all wrong..

    I maybe wrong.. but there is a dejavu feeling here. Didnt Tun Razak approved the Opposition victory celebration after the 1969 election much to Tunku Abdul Rahman's objection? Didnt that started the whole May 13th drama?

  3. Capt,

    Tonite's big gathering - we shud be careful with police provocation (not in uniform of course) because they will be all out to create justifications to put DSAI under ISA. Past experiences shud make us more mature. Nevertheless I pray that it will proceed smoothly.

    frm: sb bodoh

  4. The buck has to stop here, and right now.

    Mr. Honorable Prime Minister, what does it feel like if you were 72 years old and had an only daughter that you educated and who landed a responsible job which she held for so long, but had to be snatched away all of a sudden and you had to run halter-skelter to see her only the next morning?

    I think to even let your men speak - explaining that it was all done over sixteen hours merely to protect the poor girl makes a mockery of our government.

    Every citizen is shocked not only at the lightning detention but find it shockingly unbelievable that such are the reasons being dished out for the ISA detention.

    Can you Mr. Honorable Prime Minister not see and sense the agony of the aging parents who have raised a responsible career minded professional journalist?

    Well, suppose we accept that what was published in the paper was not right, do you not then think that the paper that employs her should be hauled in to explain? Why do your men pick on a single soul - the journalist, who is certainly not the one who decides what gets published in any paper.

    By this very act, the Prime Minister and his courtyard have brought great disrepute to this nation - unless of course you rebut, "this is an internal matter and therefore it does not give anyone outside the country any right to comment".

    Enough Mr Prime Minister! Enough!

    Please do not betray the trust of the 51% of voters who chose to have the BN back in power. Just check the hand phone texting traffic in the country on this issue and you will know the ridiculous position of the actions being taken by your men and women.

    The buck has to stop, and stop here it must to save the nation of worst perils and image agonies.

    J. D. Lovrenciear

  5. Captain,
    It is grea that you addressed the crowd at the vigil last night as you represent us bloggers.
    Anyway Malaysiakini's latest breaking news at 1.25 am reported Anwar's proclamation of forming the next government and seeking a meeting with PM for smooth transition of government. I hope it is not a gimmick as any untruth may backfire later and remove any shred of credibility in him. For all I know some of BN's MP may sign allegiance on both side of the camp to stay afloat.

  6. capt., as the moment comes to pass, my sincere hope is for all malaysians to think as a nation. The action taken by Zaid shows that they are good souls within BN. Only a handful of them actually control the whole gomen machinery for their own agenda. If needs be, form a coalition gomen, picking only the sincere, honest and able leaders !

  7. vigil is not the way for muslim. period.


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