Friday, September 19, 2008

Public Disservice

"My creed is that public service must be more than doing a job efficiently and honestly. It must be a complete dedication to the people and to the nation with full recognition that every human being is entitled to courtesy and consideration, that constructive criticism is not only to be expected but sought, that smears are not only to be expected but fought, that honour is to be earned, not bought."
- Margaret Chase Smith

They say that there is honour even amongst thieves, so perhaps its not too much to expect the same amongst our nation's law enforcement officers. After public uproar and with the release of MP Teresa Kok and journalist Tan Hoon Cheng after being incarcerated, albeit briefly under the dreaded Internal Security Act (ISA), it would appear that our policemen are quite clueless and hopelessly eager to please their political masters. There is rampant crime in the streets but our men in blue are not just playing cops and robbers but also racial politics. Their lame excuse of "threat to national security" is now laughable and their so called "independence" is indeed questionable.

The ISA was supposed to be used only against violent terrorists and not politicians, writers and journalists. Now that Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) and Sheih Kickdefella are still in detention, I believe the police are still not too sure what crime these two scribes have committed. With their gung ho stance, I also believe that Anwar Ibrahim cannot really discount the possibility that the police might just go after him too, despite assurances by the government that there will be no more arrests under the Act.

There is great public disservice here. Like honour, respect also has to be earned, not bought, demanded or forced upon. It will be a long time indeed before the police will regain the respect of the rakyat.


  1. Dear Ancient Mariner

    I expected the IGP and the Minister of Home Affairs to apologise to Ms Tan and Ms Kok for their wrongful and unnecessary arrest under the ISA. From the accounts of Ms Tan and Ms Kok after their release, it is obvious that all the police wanted was confirmation of certain issues. Why on earth then did they resort to the use of the ISA? Surely an invitation to Ms Tan and Ms Kok to co-operate with the police in their investigation was more than sufficient?

  2. Captain Yusoff,
    Will they ever regain the people's respect? I doubt it.
    The next government must rebuild the police force from the ground up. Maybe some of the brighter ones from the army can be coopted into the new force.

  3. i have gave up on the cops long time ago. what has been the average crime rate increase for the past few years? whats the usual response from the cops to the people's cries for help against the rapidly growing crime?
    Oh, NOT ENOUGH RESOURCES, thats the usual response!
    and what have they been doing despite the scarce resources. Setting roadblocks for political reasons! Setting speed traps at 6 lane carriageway with 80km limit to catch speedsters! Its bloody blatant waste of resources, period.
    Capt, do you blame me for my cynicism towards the cops?

  4. am:

    Right dare wit' you, first matey!
    Maybe all the policemen should wear GSP devices so that they would be where they ARE SUPPOSED TO BE, and not elsewhere cari makan!
    They are NOT interested in keeping law and order, that's WHY there is a systemic breakdown in law and order.
    "Brutal" murders, rapes and kidnaps have become commonplace while a decade ago, "one episode" would linger on the kedai kopi for months; now there's NEXT CHANGE almost on a weekly basis.
    It's time for an overhaul. -- Desi, 2nd or 3rd matey:):)

  5. Pakchik

    I feel everyone of the Ruling Parties knows that the PEOPLE are fully aware of the mishandling of various issues ie ISA, Tenders and Contract, Laws & By-Laws, Selective Appointments, Policies etc etc etc.

    Here's why they do it - They dont give a hoot of how the people feels, and they wont.

    Thick skin la Pakcik ke ke ke



  6. Captain, let us pray together for the well-being of Malaysia.


  7. Captain,
    Poor police! PDRM is getting such a bad reputation - but the ordinary policemen are only obeying orders. I am sure most of them are sympathetic but have no choice. The person to really nail is the IGP, who obviously is very much a political lackey of the PM and his government.

  8. A rainbow for Malaysia

    Daulat Tuanku! May this prayer from all Malaysians at the marketplace, warongs, corporate corridors and in neighborhoods echo into the palace walls of our revered Rulers and King.

    We want a Prime Minister who can bring this nation to new heights of glory for God, King, rakyat and nation.

    We want a leader who is well regarded at home and abroad. A man who commands the respect of noted Who's Who in the global village of influence and power, someone that many regard as a visionary leader of the times.

    We want a Prime Minister who has been roasted and tested in the cinders of political challenges for a long time. Someone who has survived the test of treachery, injustice, political character assassination and the works but remains steadfast to the teachings of Islam.

    We want a leader who can restore the glorious path and stature of Islam for the world to praise. We want that man who can raise Islam to its glory without harming other religions and creeds.

    We want a man to helm the nation with pride, integrity and with no personal and vested interests that undermine Rulers and rakyat.

    We want the man to have a track record of having an exemplary family behind him. A wife who plays no golf, but raises fine examples of children for the future generation to emulate.

    We want a man whose wife can stand tall among our women folks and be a shining example of a mother, wife and sister. A woman who dabbles not in extravagant overseas shopping sprees nor vain face lifts or body re-works.

    We want a man who is visionary, resolute and firm yet gentle in his demeanor. A man who has successfully galvanized opposing political parties in the best interest of nation building and in an unprecedented manner.

    We want a man who can be a proud father of children who have made a mark in the nation's political history out of sheer determination and integrity. We want that man whose children have felled political Goliaths with simplicity, niat and consistency.

    We want a man who has what it will take to restore our Rulers and Monarchy to the glory and reverence of yesteryear's that were robbed from them in the past.

    We want a Prime Minister who will not fear nor backtrack in the war against corruption and social decadence. A man who will have the resolute will to leave no stone unturned in order to bring back all the stolen wealth back into the country for the well being of King and citizens.

    We want a Prime Minister who articulates well and intelligently, giving a respected image to King and nation.

    We want that man who promises to deliver and delivers on his promises.

    We want that rainbow for Malaysia.

    If it is Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, then so be it for the love of God, King, Rakyat and Nation.

  9. Even footballs get better treatment than our PDRM. Footballs are made to be kicked by good quality shoes and most times that actually happens. They don't get kicked by spiked shoes or industrial boots. And they get kicked around most often in nicely manicured greens.

    Our police, on the other hand get kicked around by UMNO politicians like as if they are plastic bottles on the road. To be used then trampled on.

    The police would fail to find in their codes anywhere anything that would justify the reporter, Ms Tan, Theresa Kok and Raja Petra's arrest. Yet they did it. Why? Because they were told to do so.

    What is worse is they get abandoned mid-way when the heat is up. Syed Hamid, the Home Minister is supposed to sign off before an ISA arrest can be made. Yet he made it look like it was an entirely police action. And the police, being the idiots that they are, feebly accept blame without defending themselves.

    They follow operational manuals that require the FRU to dress up and be equipped in a certain manner. And at the candle light vigil at Bukit Aman the previous Saturday, watching over young petite girls and young nerdy boys and young and old men who did not look anything like gangsters, they must have felt themselves totally stupid. But why?

    Quite simply, their operational codes were written for a time when demonstrators might have been the Trade Union types, boisterous and big sized rogues even, and the type with the propensity to violence quite easily.

    This bunch were singing the Malaysianised version of Oh My Darling Clamentine!! And in such a rhythm, I thought the biggest danger to the cops might have been that they all go to sleep standing in their gear.

    The Standard Operational Procedures the police rely on just does not suit the kind of "opposition" they are facing. Very soon when they realise how stupid really they look and so on, they will stop going out on these operations. What happens then when a real dangerous event happens?

    The sad thing is the leadership in the police has actually sacrificed the police force to the politicians to be used and misused. And when the going gets really tough, the politicans wash their hands off nicely and they cops are left holding the rotten egg in their hands.


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