Monday, September 22, 2008

Breaking Bread with Ku Li

I was invited to an iftar at Tengku Razaleigh's (photo) palatial "White House" mansion in Kuala Lumpur's exclusive diplomatic enclave yesterday. What was initially supposed to be a private dialogue with a few bloggers ended up as a full fledged press conference when what appeared to be the entire local press corps arrived much earlier than expected.

Offering himself as a candidate for UMNO president in December, "Ku Li" insists that he is the best man for the job because he doesnt carry any "baggage'. The veteran politician also says he is "friends with everybody" and doesnt need a pact with Muhyidin Yassin or anybody else. He also spoke of the possibility of forming a "National Unity Government" involving even the Opposition if the need arise, if he gets elected that is, to end the intense politicking in the country which is having serious repercussions on the economy.

On the arrest of Raja Petra Kamarudin under the Internal Security Act (ISA), Ku Li says it was a gross mistake since the man should not be deprived of his rights especially after he has been charged and awaiting trial for similar "offences'. He agrees that the ISA should be reviewed now that circumstances have changed and also in order to prevent future abuse.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reports, here, that blogger Syed Azidi a.k.a. Sheih 'Kickdefella, who was arrested under the Sedition Act for displaying the national flag upside down on his blog site has been released on bail after he spent three days in prison. "Sheih" claims that his detention was politically motivated and intended to send a stern warning out to other bloggers. "I am hoping that they will charge me," he said. "Then I can ask the prime minister to be a witness because it was his statement, saying that what I did was evil and malicious, which compelled the police to investigate me."


  1. Ku Li is very much a part of the Malaysian political landscape. He will be a voice of reason. I am aware that as an UMNO contender he has to pander to UMNO issues. But, is he still "old school" i.e. strong-man and paternalistic? Or, has he become more open?

  2. Captain Yusoff,
    It will be very difficult for Ku Li to rise a second time with the present culture of UMNO. If there is no bread to be broken with them, they wont follow you.

  3. Ancient Mariner,

    Ku Li will not stand a ghost of chance to get enough nominations to get in the front door of the UMNO presidential contest. He is a dreamer with a huge ego and prone to flattery. Mahathir and gang will play him out again.--Din Merican

  4. salam uncle, selamat hari raya...semoga gembira bersama keluarga n sejahtera sentiasa. doa di hari raya tahun ini, kebenaran akan bertakhta. amin


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