Thursday, September 11, 2008

Malay/Muslim Hysteria

Now that the hysterical UMNO mamak boria show in Penang is over with the chief protagonist just given a slap on his wrist, perhaps its time to ask some hard questions: How did this happen and will it happen again?

You can bet your sweet rasgoolas it will.

My old MCKK buddy Zaharan Razak (ZR), who shoots from the hip, says its just part of the Malay/Muslim psyche. Its time to throw out the baby with the bath water. For the liberation from the fear of their own shadows, he says,"Malays must accept the possibility that one day, if not Lim Kit Siang or Koh Tsu Koon, a Chinese will become the prime minister of Malaysia".

ZR further concludes that "Those who oppose this idea are either victims turned perpetrators or power and influence holders, seekers and their hangers-on who fear they will lose their moorings and bearings, their hoot and toot."

Read his blog: "I" of the Storm, here.


  1. Hi Capt,
    Really admire your guts for the statment. "Malays must accept the possibility that one day, if not Lim Kit Siang or Koh Tsu Koon, a Chinese will become the prime minister of Malaysia."
    for the matter even a female prime minister! as long as they are capable why must race, religion etc be an issue? if America is ready for change and accept a color candidate for President why not us, or do we have to wait for 200 years ??

  2. As`long as those pretending to be pure Malays/Bumis like Dr.M make dangerous sour-grapes and menacing, threatening statements in their blogs, this issue will re-surface and blow up in all our faces and destroy UMNO. Refer to his latest blog Social Contract 3.

    He talks about the Malays and armed insurrection to take back their country with help from 'friends' in neighbouring countries. Is he talking about and encouraging terrorism? Very worrying indeed!

    As for Rosemajibbed, where does the BBC get 'their own funding.' from? Do they have something like a BN wives charity set-up? To the tune of about $ 500K excluding loyalty bonus which Dr.Husin of PKR says is rumoured to be $500K per Mp - another $25 million.

    Where is the ACA/

    refer my blog Sept 16th Chronicles-Sighful's Pregnant

  3. Well said and thought of from someone who hailed from the only school in this country that still carry the name Malay...
    If we can think like this, i would suggest that anyone else just shut up and don't ever shout of Malay supremacy...!!

  4. Capt,

    Adakah anda bodoh ke atau pun sudah mabuk laut?? Saya pun tidak mahu cakap banyak berkenaan "manusia manusia yang tidak akan PUAS hingga apa yang di-hajatkan tercapai".

    Hanya saya hendak bertanya dengan jujur sejujur nya dan ini soalan khas untuk capt fikirkan..."adakah sekira nya orang MELAYU minoriti dinegeri CHINA,akan dapat bersuara sebagaimana orang cina minoriti di Malaysia ini?"...

    Masaalah nya capt. tidak salah berfikiran liberal jika kita tahu siapa dan apa yang kita hadapi.Capt. terlampau menghukumi bangsa sendiri hingga tidak dapat melihat apa dan bagaimana nenek moyang kita diperbodohkan oleh bangsa lain.

    Persetankan apa yang mereka tuduh kita.."siege mentality ke?" Cuba bayangkan seorang PM melayu di-negara CHINA..." saya banyak nak memperkatakan tetapi cukuplah kerana "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks".

  5. Captain, you asked will it happen again? I bet my last sen it will .. as you say, it is just part of the Malay/Muslim psyche .. not all of them, mind you, but many. I don't think there will be a possibility of a Chinese PM in the foreseeable future .. not in my lifetimw anyway. Ref. jltc's comment, Malaysia is different from America .. East is East and West is West .. our mindset and culture are worlds apart. I'd rather be a Malaysian than an American any day.

  6. anon15:52,

    Capt isn't 'bodoh atau pun sudah mabuk laut', U r.

    Yr argument is a flop - it shows yr siege mentality, truely!

    U just worked up too much about yr 'ketuanan' with a twisted mind.

    Remember, as long as the cat can catch the mouse, who care it's a black or white cat.

    Just peer into the recent political scene of Thailand. The last three PMs have Chinese blood flooding in their vein. So did the Thais just up & down like U?

    In US, very soon there is going to be a Black president. Did the US Americans scream for blood?

    & yet U r still cooked within yr sieged 'ketuanan' mode!

    Or in yr blasted mind, U rather let the bigoted umnoputras dragged all the Malay M'sians down the hellhole than let a benevolent non-Malay M'sian to uplift them?


    Then yr understanding of 'maruah bangsa' is as twisted as yr fear of non-Malay.

    Anyway U might NOT understand, its too deep for that piece of grey junks sitting between yr ears!


  7. Capt. Yusof, thanks for such a frank post, the truth hurts, so commentator 'anon15:52' has got his knickers in a twist but going by his comments, he is a hard-core racist who is unable to see the wood for the trees.

    anon15:52 is the old dog who cannot be taught new tricks!!!

    Keep up the good work for the betterment of Malaysia and all her people.

    'I' of the Storm is a breath of fresh air.

  8. Yessiree - you can bet your rasgoolas and laddoos on it happening again.
    After all SuperDet is back in action now ...

  9. anon15:52

    May i ask you why do you bother to vote ( if you are a voter ) ?
    If voting without knowing the function of it.
    This question is important as anon15.52 do not seems to know what is democracy.

  10. Yes, maybe we will have a Chinese president in India, a Mongolian heading the Chinese Politburo, a Korean fighting to be the Japanese Prime Minister, a Frenchman to be next leader of the UK.

    But the best of all, we will have Sultan Lim Kit Siang or Raja Koh Tsu Koon.

  11. Hi Dad,

    Wow, that anon15:52 is so the stereotype of "dah le sombong, bodoh pulak tu".

    His words, I would term them as "them's fightin' words". But the funny thing is, he ain't brave enough to identify himself. Where's the "berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah" mode?

    In all honesty, instead of gettin' angry over this guy, it's more pity that we should feel for him.

    Al maklum la.....katak bawah tempurung la katakan...

    Even after decades of so-called efforts to "uplift the Malays", we as Malays are collectively not taking up the opportunities handed to us on silver platters.

    This guy is insane if he thinks that all Malays should still get a free ride till the end time.

    If that happens, memalukan bangsa ada la kot.

    Where to put my water face? Do you think I feel proud when I tell my friends that I'm a Govt scholar?

    Do you think I feel happy that my more academically-qualified non-Malay friends have to resort to private financing to further their studies?

    Do you think my heart bursts with patriotism when at college, I'm forcefully being indoctrinated into thinking that my place in this country is more completely assured than that of my non-Malay friends?

    It's things like these that make me "malu jadi Melayu".





  13. Hi again Dad,

    I meant to include this also.

    I read somewhere that the Malay ethnic group actually comes from China eons ago.

    So, technically, all of us Malays are actually Chinese.

    In your face, you Malay supremacists! Not so pure blood after all, eh?!

    Anyone interested to know more, check out

    Which begs the question : What is the big deal here?

    We're all related.....we are the world, we are the children.....(let's hear it, everybody!)

  14. Hi syikin,

    I am a Malaysian who has been living in NZ for the last 20 years. I am really proud of you as a good Malay Muslim by example. It is far better to preach Muslim teaching through a kind action or some kind words. It is really sad to see M'sia Muslim politician has gone out of control. Even though I am not a Muslim but it comfort me a lot to know a very nice Malay Muslim like you. Thanks to Captain for bringing up a very nice man like you.


  15. North:

    Many thanks for the kind words, but Syikin (short for Nurasyikin) is actually my darling daughter ...

  16. Make no mistake, the star of the Penang Mamak boria is a fake.

    There are plenty more like him in HUMNO. The letter H in front stands for humbug.

  17. capt., though I am with your thought, but I think such thought would badly affect your 'standing' in the eyes of your community. Of course, this is the result of a sieged mentality. Most, if not all non-bumis malaysians do not expect such scenario maybe for the next 50 years. This is where the current UMNOputras will continue to frighten those who live with their eyes closed. All we seek is an honest and sincere entity to provide a chance to build up the country instead of raping it through piratization and outright corruptions! Obviously many Bunis refused to see from this angle. Maybe we can only pray for their enlightenment!!

  18. I just can't see why malays are so fixated on "keturunan Melayu", as if the leaders in this country are pure malays? Let's see:

    a) Tun Mahathir = mamak
    b) Pak Lah = arabic mix
    c) Khir Toyo = 1st generation indonesian
    d) Najib = mix?
    e) Rafidah = rumored has it that she's a chinese kid adopted by malay family 'cos her chinese family was too poor to feed her

  19. old sea dog....why you never bring your darling daughter to fish at the wharf? It figures: goodness begets goodness many fold. Congrats Capt....every dad would be proud to have a daughter like Syikin.


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