Saturday, September 06, 2008

Panic Stations!

"My God. We should not create an unnecessary perception that we are afraid of Anwar, and look like we are panicking!"

- An unnamed UMNO MP to The Straits Times, here. He was dismayed to find out that Abdullah and Najib had endorsed the overseas "study trip" for 40 Barisan MP's which he had initially believed was a frolic of the Backbenchers' Club. This has sparked rumours of a bid to pre-empt crossovers.

Of course they are all panicking, you dumb twit. And as usual they are also in a constant state of denial. Again, another "coincidence" and in the holy month of Ramadan too, when they should be staying put with their constituents instead of going gallivanting abroad on taxpayers' money.

Meanwhile, its still 10 days to go and Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim said today in Jakarta that he is on track to meet the Sept 16 deadline to recruit enough members of parliament to topple the government.

The junket may indeed throw a spanner in the works but who really givesashit about deadlines now. The BN ship is already sinking fast.


  1. "Abandon ship"
    There will be a mass jumping off the derelict BN ship very very soon.
    The PR lifeboats are ready, for those who choose to remain on board - Davy Jones awaits

  2. Its sh'it, sh't and more SH'T oozing out of malaysia. Who is cleaning up the SH'T?

  3. Captain Sir, perchance even the winds have deserted the UMNO sails.NO?

  4. Aye Captain Sir, Typhoon Anwar is gathering strength....category 4...

  5. This trip will be great news for whichever country(ies) they visit. Huge inflow of stolen monies and opening of new accounts for that which will flow post-916 or whenever.
    Watch the ringgit go down as these b's denude their holdings in Malaysia.

  6. Dear Captain Sir,

    Anwar Ibrahim is our best hope for preventing this belove country of ours degrading into a banana republic.

    If BN is allowed to continue to plunder the country wealth and resources, I worry that in the not too distant future our women folks will be working as maids in Hongkong ,Singapore , Thailand and other countries while our fellow male Malaysians will be working as labourers in these countries.

  7. Captain,
    Let's pray Anwar can pull it off no matter on what dates after the 1th Sept as they have done whatever they can to deny him the switchover.

  8. There is of course this raging argument about the morals of jumping ship half way.

    Got to pinch myself. When we got a captain right here who will tell us all the circumstances when it is moral, indeed mandatory, when the crew has to jump ship.

    Over to you Captain Sir!!

  9. I hope Anwar will postpone the date frm 16 Sept to say Dec so that those on the trip can cut short the duration and return home
    immediately and save taxpayers money. Who they hope to hoodwink when they said the trip has got nothing to do with 16 Sept?

    frm: not stupid


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