Thursday, September 18, 2008

Selective Persecution?

I was appalled to read that another blogger, Syed Azidi Syed Abdul Aziz aka Kickdefella, was arrested in Kota Baru yesterday under the Sedition Act. Malaysiakini reports, here, that Sheih, as he is popularly known and who works for the PAS state government, was detained at about 5 p.m. by a three-member plainclothes police team. His laptop was also confiscated.

In a posting on his blog dated Aug 23, Syed Azidi (under the title 'Siasat Kickdefella Dibawah Akta Hasutan') had written that a pro-UMNO website by a minister was calling for him to be investigated under the Sedition Act. It would appear to me that the police are quick to act on calls by pro UMNO instigators but completely ignore police reports by others.

Fellow blogger Haris Ibrahim of The Peoples' Parliament in his latest posting titled "Are you on this list?", here, suggests that "in the run-up to the impending takeover by Pakatan, many in the civil service, the police, the judiciary, the prosecution have gone beyond the call of duty to frustrate Pakatan’s march to Putrajaya". A list is being prepared "to try these opponents of democracy, these traitors who reneged on their duty to serve the rakyat and instead embroiled themselves in illegalities to pander to their BN masters".

Although Anwar has said that there will be no witch hunt, justice must yet prevail. But lets go for the big fish, the others are just "following orders".


  1. Capt, the issue of the list is worrisome. If enough people in various positions of authority get worried, that they may be on the list, then they will do whatever necessary to frustrate a peaceful change in government.

    That's why, I am pleased that our PM at this moment in time is Abdullah Badawi. God has placed the right person in power to be responsible to a change in power. Isnt God Great!

    But if threats to the uniformed personnel exists, they will frustrate any possible change.

    The powers to be have to sit down, and perhaps make a statement that all mis-use of power, acts of corruption that has occurred will be "ratified" i.e. no action will be taken. BUT it has to stop right now.

    This will go a long way in calming everybody.


  2. Capt. I believe our PM is thinking now

  3. Aye, aye Captain.

    What in the world the IGP and Deputy IGP are thinking about? I thought they are suppose to be independent, serve and protect the rakyat and ensure peace and stability for all. Why are they taking side? They are giving a very bad name and image to the Raja and the country

  4. There are those who go over and beyond, like in the case of the ISA arrests. Here, not only the IGP and the top level should be made to answer, but the conduct of those directly involved in investigating and questioning and guarding the detainees should also be made to answer. They should not be allowed to plead that they were only doing their jobs when any 10 year old would have ben able to ascertain that they wre going beyond their mandate.

    There is litttle to stop them smuggling in good food for instance when they know what is provided is "dog food". Just because they are police it does not mean they stop being human. For that they have to answer.


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