Friday, April 03, 2009

A Day of Infamy

I didnt buy the rumours via SMS going around town that the swearing in ceremony of the new PM at the palace was being postponed from 10 a.m. today to a later date. Despite some cock-ups about protocol (read about it, here) and a petition by 81 MPs asking the King to postpone appointing Najib as PM until he was cleared of allegations against him, etc., I believe the ceremony would go on as scheduled.

The petition noted that "Lately the DPM has been implicated in many scandals such as the commission for the purchase of French submarines. The most shocking is the murder of the Mongolian woman in which his name has been implicated. This has been published by newspapers around the world.

“Because of all these things and the fact that the position of the PM is very important, it is appropriate for Seri Paduka Baginda postpone the swearing-in ceremony of the PM until all the allegations are investigated by an independent commission and his name is cleared.’’

I am not really surprised that His Majesty has chosen to ignore this petition.

Folks, our nightmare has just begun.


  1. dear sir,

    i really think His Majesty has a little options, Pak Lah does not show that he has the handle of the country's situations, more so with the current economic crisis.

    the opposition PM-in-waiting CV is worse, with trials pending, if not as bad as the Najib.

    old sailor.

  2. thankQ you, first matey, for speking up for second mate hear at thy command -- what's GOoD for erving thee from Lingam's ki? YL, DesiFOOLofERRATA:( I thot today is steal miss April FIRST!

  3. Captain,
    Even when he was the DPM he had managed to stifle any dissent what more when he is in the highest office. Be very afraid of our country's future as the combined forces of the previous PM before the newly minted Tun and current one will be very fomidable indeed.

  4. There's always a silver lining in the dark cloud. The main point is we stay the course!.... Victory shall be ours!

  5. Dear Captain, I you are willing to pay US dollars 2 million a months you can get a PR firm that will be able to fix up your image in no time. Ramlax

  6. Capt,

    On the contrary, some of us (bloggers & friends) have had the opportunity to hone our skills on AAB. He fell, didn't he.

    Therefore, the 'good fight' begins in earnest. Until NTR clears his name in a 'proper' court of law on the several allegations, I reckon he'll be steering HMS Malaysia with his hands tied to his back with the added specter of being wide awake as the ship goes into uncharted financial waters.

    For example, another blogger told me that government external borrowings have declined in recent years but financial institutions have done the reverse. The G20 statement identifying Malaysia as a tax haven will increase the cost of doing business because rating agencies will downgrade Malaysia's credit worthiness. CIMB's exercise in asking 26k employees to 'rest for 6 months without pay' is a sign that things are unraveling. Yet, NTR said that we're 'fine' barely six months ago.

    Sooo.. I guess, NTR's nightmare has just begun. And unlike AAB, NTR doesn't have the luxury of sleeping through the financial crisis. Especially if the rumor of two old foggies being brought back from pasture to become advisers in the new cabinet is true.

    Btw how is your initiative with the PKFZ progressing?

  7. I agree with The Mariner.Our nightmare had just begun...

  8. Ancient Mariner

    Afterall, this is BOLEHLAND !!! Everything also can. A person with a long list of unsettled scores and accusations can also be PM. The nightmare has just began.

    Long John Silver

  9. I am a trained accountant meaning I actually signed and completed a 4-years Training Contract with a firm of Chartered Accountants & Auditors.

    But what exactly is a "Trained Economist"? Is there such an animal? Is there a Chartered Institute of Economists where you go to be trained under their scheme?

    Over to PM Najib and his Spin doctors!

  10. /// Hamba said...
    There's always a silver lining in the dark cloud. The main point is we stay the course!.... Victory shall be ours! ///

    Hamba, the only problem with your optimism is that you are assuming the course set is correct. As the blog owner is an old salt, a maritime analogy would be - what if the course set will lead the ship of state right across a treacherous stretch of underwater reef? You still want to stay the course?


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