Thursday, April 16, 2009

Unsavoury Characters

To those who have been gushing over Najib's "dream team" new cabinet, sorry if this is going to rain on your parade but former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir has just declared that there are several "unsavoury characters" in the new line up.

In his latest blog posting, here, Che Det a.k.a. Tun Dr M wrote: "The exclusion of Khairy Jamaluddin, UMNO Youth head who was found guilty of corruption by the UMNO disciplinary committee but allowed to contest for head of UMNO Youth seem to indicate a desire on the part of the new Prime Minister to rid UMNO of the blatantly corrupt politician".

"Unfortunately the inclusion of several unsavoury characters who had been accused of being corrupt while in the previous Government, seem to negate this desire," he adds. However, he did not state who these "unsavoury characters" are.

Since Tun Dr M has also vowed to work to oust Najib from the premiership if he appoints corrupt leaders in his cabinet, I do not really envy Najib right now.


  1. Maha Firaun has deceived himself into thinking that the PEOPLE nowadays are naive enough to believe that his and his son's entry and performance in politics was squeaky clean!

    Only today, Tenaga announced shockingly low profits and worrying 1/2 year results for a monopoly.

    But guess whose son wangled a coal supply agency with Tenaga thereby burdening it with lower margins and who engineered the bare-faced theft of 45% of Tenaga's fixed costs by give-'away take or pay' to crony IPP's who now pontificate about 'sanctity of Govt contracts?'

    Yup, you guessed it! And this man has the temerity to talk about clean politics and 'unsavoury characters' in Najib's Cabinet?

    What does he think Samy, Ling, 2M, rAPidfirewoman, Thambychik, Taib, Toyota et al were. Saints? Ptuii!!

  2. Capt., 4give the old man,he has been talking with triple fork tongue all these years.Just like a kid blowing hot and cold to suit his mood. He had taken us for a long and hard drive, any further directive from him will send us to compete with his bed-partner MUGABE> Yes fight the West by printing250 million notes, I certainly believe this is an advice given to him by the Ex-great leader of south to south!!

  3. Capt!

    The unsavoury characters have not been found guilty of corruption by the umno discipline committee or by any court of law.

    Of course you must have the political will and determination to do this. If DSAI can be 'fixed', why not them???

  4. to be fair to dr m, tenaga monopoly unheard of loss is a recent thing but yes we should check who got the contract ferrying and supplying coal from kalimantan, i m not surprised if someone son and son-in-law manes crops up.

  5. Capt, I beg to differ. Dr M threat to "fix" Najis was only to make sure KJ doesnt win the Umno youth post and become minister. Now that his son is in instead I dont think he will do anything to jeopardize this.

  6. What can we say of a man that is blinded by self ” know all ” addiction ? He is just addicted to those remedies dished out during his era and thought that all is well.

    Well, to many youths today, he is the evil behind many constitutional crisis that we encounter today. He reshape the judiciary, curb the pleasures of the royalties, commanded both the military and police to act within the whim and fancy of only his party. Also the over sized civil servants became lord and treated the tax payers as slaves instead.

    Be very careful with him as there is two side to a coin and he ususlly choose to see what he wants to see. So head, he wins and tail we lose and that’s the way he will advise others. For there is no other way, but my way says the man whom many are worshipping as semi-god, no offence to semi-value, by the way.

  7. Bila guru kencing berdiri mesti murid kencing berlari.Ramlax

  8. I wonder whether the Grand Ole Man bites his own tongue when such words spew from his mouth !

    It's a case of the pot calling the kettle black !

  9. how about unsavoury characters in the judiciary?

    anyway, how can you take his words. before he rejoined umno (with abduallh still in the throne), he said
    the coup in Perak was illegal and a big mistake. weeks later after successfully kicking out abdullah and the gang, he said the coup was alrite since the people accepted it. acceptance? hello, despite his feverish racist posturing to the largely malay majority there, UMNO lost the referendum in the Gantang by-election and yet he has the gumption to say people has accepted the coup.
    serious, it really beats me for the mainstream media to still treat a has been with superstar status. check his sell-by-date!

  10. If people really mean what they say about wanting Malaysia to be a great nation with a citizenry that upholds the highest moral attributes, they should start with their own selves!

    The way our leaders, past and present are bashed around like scumbags and slumdogs reflect as much on the leadership as the people they lead!

    I believe leaders are as good or as bad as their people. And I believe that Malaysians have little to gloat about going by the way politicians and their followers think and behave!

    Corruption is rampant because Malaysians - both leaders and the rakyat are corruptible! I say many are CORRUPTIBLE but some are downright CORRUPT!

    Similarly, bloggers are as good or as bad as their commenters! It would help if we, especially those that have tasted much "asam garam", are more constructive in our postings and comments. What good does our bitter rancour bring about?

    Instead of trying to sound young and hip like the younger generation with their overwhelming angst and anger, we end up sounding like grumpy and disgruntled old men and women.

  11. Unsavoury Characters: The Minister of Home Afairs must ask for an explanation and take action if necessary.Retired Diplomat

  12. Capt,

    Who is going to oust the OLD MAN ???? He is going around eliminating anybody he does not like...what happens if someone does not like him?



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