Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guess who came to dinner ...

I was among several bloggers invited to dinner last night with Datuk Sri Dr Rais Yatim (photo, right), the new Minister for Information, Communications and Culture at the Restoran Sri Melayu in Jalan Conlay. The sumptuous dinner was hosted by my blogger friend Datuk Ibrahim "Tiger" Yahaya, who now heads RTM.

I didnt see any non-Malay bloggers around. Aside from my friends Pokku, Pak Idrus and Elviza who are fiercely apolitical, I was probably the only other non pro-BN "so-po" blogger present. (Now this will probably make some of my other so-po blogger friends get their knickers all tied up in knots again ... sigh).

After making some mild threatening noises recently, the Minister really had nothing new to add in his speech. But acknowledging the importance and impact of the new 'alternate media' and the internet, he made an impassioned plea for us bloggers to simply tell the truth, and nothing but. Granted that there are some bad eggs amongst us bloggers, but considering that Bernama and other government controlled MSM have been equally guilty of telling fibs and "stretching" the truth lately, perhaps he should also direct them to do likewise.

Or else, we might as well rename the Ministry simply as the "Ministry for Propaganda and Public Enlightenment" * ... or something.

* a la the Third Reich, that is.


  1. Dang!

    How come I don't get invited for this type of gathering, Capt?

    Am I not 'melayu' enough ke?

    Or perhaps, my 'intrusion' into the 'happy2' pro-BN sopo blogger crowd like what I did at the NPC recently when facing off with a top melayu (sic!) loyar made me persona non grata for such events?

    Sheeesh! Ok, gotta go and undo my knotted knickers, and put it up a flagpole.

  2. Capt,I don't think a couple of free meals will be enough to win the hearts and mind of the 'anti establishment' blogger, yes? But i think there might be some who were so impressed and felt so special and privileged as if they are in the company of sage and saints.....Pity those poor souls who're easily swayed by power and titles...Just like female artist or singer courted by royalty and ministers...Pls capt, say you're not one of them....

  3. Capt. I did enjoy the dinner and the company of fellow blogger. Like you said there was nothing new from the Minister. Rest assured that we blogger are still an independent thinker. We love the country more then any political party. Have a nice day.

  4. Hi Dad,

    I'm just glad they didn't put anything in your food to make you go over the "other side". hahaha.

    Hmmm...hope I'm not giving them any ideas for their next 'do''s a good thing they're not exactly the brightest stars in the heavens...who knows they might try mass hypnosis next?

  5. Capt,

    I take it that the 'arm over the shoulder' thing simply mean 'kito samo-samo orang nogori' and nothing else! hahaha

  6. Cap,

    "fiercely apolitical" Hahahaaha, I like that...

  7. "considering that Bernama and other government controlled MSM have been equally guilty of telling fibs and "stretching" the truth lately, perhaps he should also direct them to do likewise."

    Cap, if he does as you suggested, he will be out of job in no time.And that's not going to happen.Any wonder why he's still around after having serve 2 PM? Like the bamboo, must sway with the wind lah!

  8. Glad to know you haven't burn the bridges as far as Rais Yatim is concerned. As usual, only other media need to tell only the truth while RTM and other main stream media could continue to tell half truth. We have grown used to it...

    frm: unburnt bridge

  9. pak idrus,

    the way to go.

    be neutral and always stay true for good governance.

    god bless.

  10. Dear Ancient Mariner,

    You are merely joking, right?

    How can it be ministry of propaganda and public enlightenment?

    Shouldn't it be Ministry of Propaganda and Public "Black Out" instead? I thought so!

  11. I consider it as a ministry of info-tainment. They just dish out information meant for entertainment rather than full truth nothing but the truth ! They also have journalists that write selective news for selected group of people. With such supporters in their pockets, they are now engaging the bloggers to support them. Well, if they only dispense cooked up half-truth, what's wrong with the bloggers dispensing the other half of real truth ?

    We are afterall in a borderless world today with infomation travelling faster than our minds could grasp. In order for people to respect their views and news, they need to clean up their own houses first before talking about the dirts in other people house.

  12. Truth, alas, is the mortal enemy of governments; that's why a Ministry of "Information" (read: Disinformation) is needed to twist and hide truth.

  13. Capt.

    Very surprising that no other fellow dinner guest seem to have blogged about this landmark event with the Info minister. Makes one wonder if they are just too embarrassed to crawl out of the woodwork!

  14. Capt Yusof I'm very curious to know:
    (i)WHAT did you dare tell the Minister to his face?
    (ii)Did you convey to him the criticism and unhappiness of your commenters about the BN/ UMNO led government?
    (iii)WHAT suggestions did you give for the Minister to translate into meaningful information/communications/culture policies and programmes for MICC?

    I mean - not in the usual indirect way of the Malays but to his face like a true Linggi Bugis!

    Memang oghang samo nogoghi tapi tak samo hati poghot!

    ghombau so ghombau ghombau...
    jolobak ko jolobu, tuai padi tigo tangkai...

    HOW did he react on the face-to-face level?

  15. "mild threatening noises", captain?

    This shameless chameleon of a minister want to sic the dogs on "errant" bloggers who dont toe the govt line!

  16. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Always refreshing and highly entertaining.
    Keep up the good fight!

  17. Most of the invitees are pro umno bloggers.
    But it will be hard for the "rice" to brainwash the sea salt seasoned Captain .
    We cant really blame the 'rice" for issuing out threats .As he is an umno man after all.
    Unless he is willing to do a Zaid Ibrahim or follow the footsteps of shaberi and "zam zam ala ka zam " ( as named by Uncle zorro Unmasked )

    There is no way to curb the new media. Or is his ministry have sinister plans to use the ISA and wage a war against "anti bn" bloggers?
    But then , non are anti bn as they are all against corruptions and abuses of power.
    Too bad 'rice' did not invite the "king"...Raja Petra.

  18. kepPEEtan: I envy Thee, such great kompeniDANmakan-makan -- did you tapau some kambing ah?

    The nama, get it right! Ministry of Propaganda-ganda-Wang-Anda:(

  19. Wonder how many lunches and dinners it took before some present there crossed over??

  20. Dear Captain.

    Tell Datuk Sri Dr Rais Yatim that he is behaving like Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister in the Third Reich.

    As you have said, stretching the truth and creating truth by govt media and MSM to support BN is ok.

    Telling the unvarnished truth and interpreting the "hidden" is not on and punish with law suits.

    Please tell the honourable minister that the only solution is transparency. We have the right to know.


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