Saturday, April 25, 2009

PKFZ: RM8 Billion Swindle?

The Edge in its latest weekly edition today front paged the headline: Total PKFZ bill RM8 billion? In a 3-page cover story it has confirmed our worst fears: that this scandalous project built on GREED is going to suck up more taxpayers money now that PKFZ costs are believed to have ballooned from RM4.6 billion to RM8 billion! (Read also DAP Adviser Lim Kit Siang's take on this, here).

The Price Waterhouse Coopers audit report has been ready for some time but the Klang Port Authority and the Ministry of Transport are dragging their feet after having promised to release the report promptly to the public. The given excuses are that they are still getting Official Secrets Act (OSA) clearance for some of the documents involved in the report.

On the other hand, my sources tell me that there is frantic damage control and sinister goings on at the Port Authority to avoid some bigwigs getting implicated. They include a former Minister of Transport, a Sarawak tycoon who heads the BN parliamentary Back Benchers' Club and the outgoing UMNO Treasurer. O boy.

This government's credibility is wearing thin. We taxpayers must be told the truth. So I say shake a leg and out with the report, NOW.


  1. I was going to send this to you earlier but you were quicker on the draw! Kudos!

    "Port Klang Free Zone scandal – from RM2.3 billion under Liong Sik, RM4.6 billion under Kong Choy and now to RM8 billion under Tee Keat?
    Although" as Kit Siang flays Ong Tee Kiat.

    Well Captain, you and I have been at it for soem time. Perhaps now its 'Game Over'? Like Perwaja, how long more more can they cover things up?

    Have these people no conscience? Do they expect teh Taxpayer to foot the bill for their gross criminal negligence?

    Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame on Ong, Ling, Chan, MCA & UMNO!!

  2. ...and in the other corner, lets see what Obama, captain of the largest economy the world has ever seen, is doing. He has asked all members of his Cabinet to cut an additional US$100 million off their administrative budgets.

    "None of these savings are going to solve our long-term fiscal problems,” the president admitted. “But taken together, they can make a difference and they send a signal that we are serious about how government operates.”

    “We've got to earn the people's trust. They've got to feel confident that their dollars are being spent wisely."

    In Bolehland, which can much less than the damn Yankees afford wastage, profligacy, and cheating and stealing by the custodians, feet dragging is the order of the day. And the powers that be, who only can match Obama's rhetoric of change, do not see fit to extend that to deeds. They are keeping as quiet as church mice or should I say rats.

    Such excellence in cunning and scheming. If only it can be applied to make lives better and more productive for all Malaysians.

    My fear is that it has not ended yet. There may still be more stinkers yet to come.

    Swindle is too mild a word. Treachery would be more apt.

  3. I have no doubt that if a truly independent investigation were carried out, quite a number of BN-related characters need to go to charged with various acts of corruption and abuse of power. And quite a number of others need to be fired from their jobs for dereliction of duty.

    But it won't happen..

  4. CAPT you left out the other con man rahman pallil this guy appears to be not listed in the who's who of this scam.

  5. Now they blame it on OSA for not releasing the report as promised. In the first place when Tee Kiat promised it, wasn't he aware of that? Now he finds the reality behind "good" governance BN version. After Perwaja we have this and more are yet to surface. What abt extravagant spending by Petronas to enrich cronies. We heard abt Petronas buying KLCC lands from Ananda at very, very inflated price. Those from Petronas with info pls come forward like ex staff of Sime Darby did in Simewatch. It's yr duty to expose the wrongdoings involving public fund. By the way Capt why don't you blog on MB Phg having to pay RM63m. He used private lawyers from 2 legal firms whereas Perak Speaker was forced to use DPP coz he's govt servant. Isn't Phg MB civil servant?

    frm: bengong

  6. I thought pirates operates on the high seas but looking at this seems that Malaysia have a very organized pirates operating openly and with impunity on land....1Malaysia = RM1for Malaysian and RM8,000,000,000forNajib and gang...Such excellent performance from these pirates.

  7. we all know from day one its a scandal.OKT came in as new head honcho of corrupt MCA swaggling with confidence and promised to tell all.

    When the report came in, he knew its disastrous for BN and cover-up he will.

    oh, that sarawkian had a good time leading a bunch of MPs for holidays in Taiwan and HK at the expense of our money. And he threatened to sue Malaysiakini when the story broke up. JUst wondering as taxpayers, do we have the locaus standi to sue these corrupts from MCA, UMNO and Sarawak? Can any lawyers advise? I am sure these are different times coz if the Apex Courts can butt their arse into the affairs of the Legislature, I am sure they will be open to hear the taxpayers' grouses. Or, my faith is misplaced as usual?

  8. Capt,

    It's a pity that a certain MSM journo who claimed to have copies of the MOF letters with the side notes still has not come forward.

  9. This big scale swindling will cause BN the next election. The only way is to come clean and punish the crooks.

    There is no bigwigs in this case. Just a few hasbeens. So, why the reluctance?

  10. As usual for any ministry regulator, must wait for declassification of report before can make it public. Any first world lawmaker worth his salt knows this.

    For me, I will wait for the declassification before asking for punishment for the offenders.


  11. The report will never come out.
    If we the public wants to see the report we have to vote PR in as the federal government.
    Thats the only way to do it.

  12. Latest from the Press -

    If these blokes are still connected with umbilical cords, I hope they get choked with dire consequences.


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