Thursday, April 09, 2009

Surprises, Surprises

(Source: Malaysiakini)

I believe I am man enough to admit that I am wrong and I was really surprised that the 2-man personal police security detail of Najib, chief inspector Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar (photo) has been found guilty of the grisly murder of Mongolian beauty Altantuya Shaaribu some time in October 2006. I had expected them to go free since there was no clear motive for the murder and they never knew the victim from Eve. It was also never established whether the two had acted on their own or were directed to act by someone else. But this morning, Shah Alam High Court judge Mohd Zaki found them guilty and sentenced them to death since "the prosecution has successfully proven its case against both accused beyond any reasonable doubt" based on the circumstantial evidence that had been adduced.

But then again, this is not the end of the story since both men will be appealing to higher courts. Lawyer Karpal Singh, who was holding a watching brief for the Altantuya family, has said the battle is not over as he had filed for a judicial review to compel the prosecution to file an appeal against the acquittal of Najib's pal Razak Baginda, the dead woman's former lover. (Read the Malaysiakini report, here).

Another big surprise is the inclusion of Mukhriz Mahathir, the losing contender in the recent fight for the post of UMNO Youth chief, as a deputy minister in Najib's nondescript new cabinet which was also announced this afternoon. This must be a tight slap in the face of Khairy Jamaludin, the new youth chief, who has been left out in the cold amidst talk of the revival of 'Mahathirism' in the BN government.

Or perhaps I am not really that surprised either.


  1. Captain

    I laughed when I saw the photo. Like someone said u really have a wicked sense of humour!

  2. Capt,

    Perhaps we should look beyond our shores and see if the french judiciary may provide the impetus for a re-examination of this case. DCNS are facing an inquiry into improper (corrupt practice of kickbacks to Perimekar?) conduct which, in turn, may highlight the underlying reason why Altantuya was killed.

    As far as I know about basic law, there is no statute of time frame limitation in a murder case if fresh evidence is uncovered to implicate collusion by other parties apart from the current two.

    Keyword element - Motive has not been conclusively established thus far as you have clearly surmised.

    Meanwhile, the BN administration and their neutered MSM are going to great lengths to 'hide' the images of the two accused from public view. I wonder why?

  3. Capt,

    I guess it's on almost everybody's mind why Azilah Hadri and corporal Sirul Azhar Umar faces are always shrouded?

    Makes you wonder why the secrecy?

    Are their faces visible while in court?

    Or, are they just any 2 bodies being paraded?

    Questions ... questions ...

  4. Capt,

    "Nondescript" is too mild to describe this new cabinet. Why is Najib not asking them to declare their assets to the malaysian public?

    What has happened to the PKFZ report by PriceWaterhouse. Why has it not been released?

  5. Please do not look at others to solve our problems.Getting the french is of no help. If you are someone like me who was in the business of Foreign Affairs you will know that when foreigners get involved in our problem they only take care of their interest.
    I still cannot understand why the identity of these two person is still hidden. Your blog does not worry about this. Where are these two persons now? Are they still in the country? Have they been put under protective custody - a term that has new meaning in Malaysia? The mind of Malaysians wonders and there are thousands of explanations.The whole case is nothing but bizarre to say the least.

    If you look at third world countries they are all now on their knees and the fundamental reason for that is they manipulated the constitution and the rule of law for for those who do not heed. I hope that the new PM will take a good look at this matter because without justice there will be no peace and without peace there will be no justice.Ramlax

  6. Ramlax,

    Please re-read what I wrote. Who said anything about asking help from the french?

    When Arnaud Dubus wrote his article in the Liberation, it was meant to expose DCNS's corrupt practice to the french readership. The murder case was included to provide context. Nothing more, or less, coz I doubt if the french would bother who becomes PM in Malaysia.

    For someone familiar with Wisma Putra, can you explain why W.P. did not take the appropriate actions with the respective embassies to reprimand the foreign media of various 'friendly' nations which carried similar news reports? If NTR is too busy moving into Sri Perdana, at least someone else from the government should look after our nation's integrity.

    Or perhaps our BN national leaders and state institutions doesn't give a damn about us.

    And similarly, the upholders of justice who live in relative peace.

  7. Capt,

    Both you and I shouldn't be surprised abt the court decision and the inclusion of Mukhriz. We are now very familiar with Malaysian judiciary from whom we couldn't expect much. In the case of Mukhriz, can we conclude other than the hidden hands of the BIG BROTHER. Pls expect the revival of the crooked bridge by the crooked new PM.

    frm: non crooked

  8. Ancient Mariner,

    Nothing to be surprised about.As expected.The script said so..

  9. Dear Captain,

    With regard to the reference to the 'French' I did not mean to infer that you had raised it in your article. Sorry for not making that clear.What I wanted to say was that the story caught fire after the article appeared in the French newspaper.

    It is unfair to to put the burden on Wimaputra. They are not the agency that takes care of this matter. It is an internal matter for our law enforcement authorities to take care.

    In indonesia there is a slogan ' mengatasi ma'asalah tanpa ma'asalah baru'. Perhaps we have to learn to solve our porblems without creating new problems. Law and order is even more important than bread and butter issues.
    Already we have a situation where well educated people are parking their cars in areas where they should park.Move around PJ and you will understand what I am saying. In Sungai Buloh I notice school children are going on their motocycles wothout helmats and regard to other users of the roads. Degrees of infringment of the law of the land is taking place daily.If it is of any consolation even in the US baggage handlers have been taking what does not belong to them in the Airport Baggage transit area. The list goes on and on.

    This must a top priority for One Malaysia.I hope that the new PM will take the bull by the horns and get us out of this situation. I want him to be successful because the future of my children depends on that.Ramalx

  10. Yes God, have patience and wisdom to know the difference. But just this once, can I just bludgeon this other bloke with a 20lb sledgehammer and.. ok, ok I got your messageSorry Capt, the BigGuy sez STFU! Wooo.. thunder and lightning outside. Gotta log off......

  11. Aiyah dont be so negative, the 2 polis could had raped her and later disposed it although Razak merely asked them to get her off his sight. All politicians are the same, PR claim to be clean and multi racial my foot! Now Fairus resigns, LGE kowtow to Anwar, you tell me what nonsense is this? Further studies, do you buy that?

  12. they've sent the two special ops who killed the mongolian woman to death row. well, never mind the justice and the unanswered questions (like, who gave the order?). what about the quid pro quo? i believe the special ops guys do the politicians' dirty work with the expectation that the higher ups would watch their backs.

    but if the politicos are not willing to cover up for them... it's a deal breaker. i fully expect the special ops guys to start covering their tracks, either by refusing to do what the politicos want, or by digging dirt and threatening to expose all if the politicos refuse their demands. if that's how things are going, it'll get ugly pretty quick.


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