Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PKFZ: More Clarification Needed

The Malaysian Insider reports, here, that the parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) will seek clarification again from the parties responsible for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project whose cost is said to be exorbitant. New chairman Azmi Khalid said the PAC would call within two weeks all those responsible for the "RM1.8 billion-odd" project.

RM1.8 billion? Whatever happened to the RM3 billion?

In 2007, the PAC then headed by Shahrir Samad had summoned the parties involved for an explanation but "there are still matters to be explained further," he said.

If I can recall, Shahrir Samad had failed to summon the Attorney General for his take on the dubious land deal and the subsequent RM4.6 billion government bailout. ("Take" here means his versionlah). The audit report by Price Waterhouse Coopers is ready but Transport Minister Ong Tee Kiat has said, here, that it is up to the Klang Port Authority whether they want to release the report or otherwise.

Passing the buck, if you please. I am really getting pretty tired of this sandiwara.

Any bets that nothing will come out of this?


  1. Bets, Capt? It's a done deal that nothing will happen, just like every other enquiry in recent years from the Police Commission to the Lingam Commission to the Kugan enguiry.

  2. The latest cop out by Tee Kiat that since PKZ paid for the audit report, we have to get their permission for it to be released to the public is a crystal clear signal that there has been a massive fraud and MCA is feverishly trying to cover it up or drag it till 2013 when most might forget it!

    I don't belive Tee Kiat any further than I can throw him that the project is viable and they have seen material increase in income. I am sure it's all fraudulent accounting and they are being kept afloat by some form of extra-legal Govt assistance.(e.g $190 million Govt R&D Grant that turned Proton's loss into a profit and $1 billion 'soft loan' to MAHB).

    Captain please keep hammering away on this issue till it's exposed and perhaps alert MP's like Choo Wee Keong, Teresa Kok etc to take up the cudgel in Parliament without let up!


  3. Dear Capt,
    I am your former colleague in WPT, and have the unique luck of formerly working in PwC as well.
    We all know perfectly well what happened, but the enforcement will never happen.
    Well, at least until there is a change of federal government.
    Can you wait?

  4. Hello Capt. Yusof,

    Speaking about Shahrir Samad, what's your take on the new Scenic Bridge/Crooked Bridge that some folks are proposing to be reconstructed?

    I had a discussion with some pals last Sunday, over a couple of beers. One of them opines the bridge will allow shipping through the Johor Straits, hence bringing in income to Tj. Pelepas & taking away some of Kiasuland's business. However, my counterpoint is... bridge or no bridge, commercial shipping will still not pass the straits due to the narrowness, shallow depth, danger of collision with the two bridges, etc.

    As you're a ship pilot superintendent, it'll be good to hear your twocents on this...

  5. BrightEyes:

    You are absolutely right.

    For ships to sail east-west thru the Johor Straits is simply out of the question. The water is not deep enough and there is already the 2nd link bridge with only a 25m height clearance which makes it impossible for ships to sail under. (Read also my earlier blog:"Stupid Bridge" of 15th April and the comments)

  6. When Ong Tee Keat play taichi, in this case he is, there must be something unsavoury in the auditor's report. Unless, the report tells us otherwise, we have to assume it stinks. And the stinks spread to PKA, Ong Tee Keat and and the whole gang of thieves.

  7. zip - NOTHING will happen !

    as usual a big sendiwara !

  8. ha2,

    the edge just came out with the latest headlines. Its gonna balloon to RM8 billion after interest cost from initial estimates of RM2.3 billion.

    and reconfirmed the following:-

    1. promoters are politicians from BN and that includes that Sarawakian fella who led a group of MPs for frolick and fun in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
    2. the guarantees issued are questionable ( of course by ex-MCA Transport Minister).

    Now we all know why the current Transport Minister went cold after his initial swagger to reveal everything about this scandalous corrupt project. Well, its business as usual from the corrupt BN anyway. And dont count on MCA no matter who is the head honcho coz they are all the same, corrupt to the core.


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