Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Fools on the Hills

At this stage of my life, I do not suffer fools gladly.

When the by-election results were announced late last night with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) winning 2 out of 3 seats, the first thing that struck me quite honestly was those 14 independent candidates on the two bukits, who all lost their deposits ... what were they thinking? Or do I smell rats here.

I was also probably the only non pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) blogger at a lunch meeting yesterday, where the quiet consensus was that BN would win 3-0. These poor misguided youngsters will have to eat humble pie now.

And Muhyiddin has the gall to say that 'the feel-good factor' from Najib coming to power on Friday is still 'too new and has not sunk in.'

What 'feel good factor'? The only people who must have felt good about it are the UMNO/BN ship of fools, a delusional former apa nama prime minister, and of course those impoverished dayaks in Batang Ai, who obviously now truly deserve the government they have got.

The writing is already on the wall and the word is: CHANGE.

And change we must, lest we become a Nation of Fools too.


  1. Well-summarised, Sir!

  2. i fully agree with you old salt. the change must come for the good of the country. there are too many unanswered matters ranging from the freeing of baginda, the blowing up of the mongolian model, the submarine kick back, a long list to go. i think the people are fed up with the side shows churned out by bn.

  3. Capt. Agreed. You do put is wisely. Have a nice day.

  4. UMNO paid blogger are unprincipled individual. These are the kind of people Ex PM apanama likes, the toadies and the yes man and the money is my religion journalist...BN win 3-0??? Remember reading that in M'sian insider by Leslie Lau...In your UMNO toadies!

  5. They all deserve the government they vote for, Captain Sir!

  6. Captain

    Those 13 are a bunch of idiots who,most probably were given the deposit money by UMNO/BBN to breakup the voters voting PR. But that didn't work.

    Do they care if they lost the deposit. NO, because the money is not from their own pockets.

  7. Sharp words from the captain -

    "a ship of fools, and a delusional apa nama prime minister"

    haha, that got me laughing.

    Apparently these unseasoned youngsters believed that the Abdullah effect would apply as well in the Najib case, nevermind the circumstances which they came to power are vastly different, and the latter does not enjoy the Mr Nice Guy image (however unjustified that was) that Abdullah carried with him.

    As for the Dayaks, what can I say. PKR's organization there is weak like tofu, its ranks full of mostly low quality candidates. Maybe they have no choice at all. But I truly pity those folks as their grandchildren will ask them what happened to their forest homes, why did they not vote for change. The shame itself will kill them.

  8. Well said, sir. Like a true sailor. Straight to the point.

    I asked an UMNO friend today in what went wrong with their calculation. Calculator rosak or what?

    Seemed police intelligence also said can win.

    Something very wrong with the BN and govt calculation. Semua salah.

    I wonder if they have the same problem with the economy.

    May I qoute you sir. sheeesh

  9. Dear Captain,

    1. Don't underestimate these fools. One must be smart to play the fool. How else could they have led the rakyat by their noses all these years.

    2. You're right about these wagon-climbing bloggers. They saw victory when there was only defeat. Probably thought that ole Dobbin would help turn the tide. Reminds me of the tired horses that our sports officials trotted out whenever a major hockey/badminton tournament came up while other nations tried out their fresh young blood. So much for succession planning.

    3. Muhyiddin having the gall to say that 'the feel-good factor' from Najib coming to power...still 'too new and has not sunk in. Doesn't that remind you of the fella who was still warming up months into his incumbency. Guess that will be the mantra when any reforms/promises do not materialize.

    4. They DO believe in change. The kind that jingles in your pocket, and how to get it out of there and into theirs.

    Take care.

  10. Action counts more than words. And the people have done just that in the 2 Bukits! So Najib and Muhyiddin and cronies, spiel on and believe in your own crap!

  11. You know Captain what they say about Old retired Boxers 'They never come back' apa nama should not even think about. It's time to throw in the towel for good

  12. my dearest Captain,

    just to let you know that zorro posted your comment on his blog.

    actually, i was quite shocked because i am wondering whether i am one of the buggers you were referring to, or as you described here, a misguided should i eat humble pie?

    i don't recall making any prediction (of the outcome of the by-elections) as you've mentioned.

    i'm sure the topic of the by-elections came up and as usual, at MRT we talk about a lot of things -- some serious, some kosong-kosong.

    But, we were having a nice time on Tuedsay, also because it was Jordan's birthday (don't think Jordan is pro-BN or pro-Pakatan or pro-anything) and we were drooling and enjoying the cupcakes which Elviza had baked for us all.

    there was Mat Salo and we were teasing him about his new fit and trim look. and my daughter Shaira -- surely not a pro-BN blogger -- was with Amir trying to help her retrieve her lost blog.

    Aiman -- the form two blogger -- is not pro-BN, I don't think.

    there was also Kak Ton (certainly not pro-BN if you know what a die-hard reformasi activist those days).

    perhaps you were discussing with a couple of socio-political bloggers....and they made that prediction.
    perhaps, they are the "misguided youngsters" or buggers you meant?

    oh well...tak tahu-lah Captain Sir...
    maybe I'm making just way too much fuss over what you said. only because i think it is misleading.

    anyway, I humbly apologise for taking too much space here.

    thanks, Captain!

  13. Mungkin saya tak berapa kisah istilah yang disebut.

    Captain perlu tahu satu perkara.

    Saya ini seorang private figure dan bukan public figure. Agak kekok nak terlalu berhati-hati dalam kata-kata, terutama masa bersantai sembang kosong.

    Kalau nak buah fikiran yang serius, tanya baik-baik

    Saya tak mahu perlu berjaga-jaga dan berhati-hati dalam masa-masa casual dengan kawan-kawan.

    Tak mahu hilang mesra kerana terlalu formal.

  14. Caps!

    (Now salam dulu, where's my manners really?)

    Who were the poor misguided youngster, Cap? It sounds like generalization to me. Besides Cap, whatever said and done in MRT should stay there, don't ya think?

    I saw Zorro putting up a post based on your comment and a MRT was mentioned. I seriously didn't know about the general consensus that said BN was going to win all 3 by elections.

    But I do remember the cuppies part (since I baked them, yea!), Jordan's birthday and the part of Mat Salo looking too fit for his own good.

    Sorry Cap I love you all the same.

  15. And for the record, I'm pro-ME. Yes. Myself. I.

    I'm anti-a lot of things. And pro-very few things. Least of all, politics and politicians.


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