Monday, April 06, 2009

Loose Ends

I think I am a reasonable man, with reasonable expectations. As an old salt, I have always been uncomfortable with loose ends*, i.e., when there is no simple closure or simple answers to simple questions, such as:

Who ordered the 'neutralisation' of Mongolian beauty Altan whatshername?

Where is private investigator Bala whatshisname? etc., etc.

I simply cannot accept pulling of rank by swearing to a higher authority in His house that one is innocent and had nothing to do with all these mysterious happenings and disappearances. I would if I was born yesterday.

One of the first things Najib did as the new PM was to release 13 Internal Security Act (ISA) detainees and also lifted the ban on two opposition publications. Big deal. He also espoused a new 1-Malaysia concept, whatever that means.

Sounds familiar? Before we go gushing over this, many of us old timers may recall that former PM Tun Dr Mahathir (Oh how we adored him!) also pulled the same stunt when he became prime minister. He released some ISA detainees but a few years later dumped many others into the slammer in Ops Lalang. Remember BCA for Bersih, Cekap, Amanah? Now where did that lead us.

More form than substance I would say. So lets not be bloody gullible here.

Lets not fall for the so-called 1-Malaysia claptrap either.

* Nautical etymology: based on the idea of a wire or rope with untidy ends that are not neatly tied or spliced together.


  1. Looks like Tun M just dusted off his How To Be Malaysian PM game book and gave it to Numero Sei as a welcome present!

    Should really sell it online as a downloadable e-book for would-be dictators.

  2. man aleast he doing something, not like people like you only can writte in blog, what have you ever did for malaysia ???????/

  3. Nasi sudah jadi bubur. There is nothing we can do. We are now dependent on his goodwill. Ramalx

  4. Mesej perpaduan dan pembangunan Mahathir di Bukit Selambau

  5. Captain

    Mahathir taught Najib well.

    Mahathir had said: Melayu Mudah Lupa.

    And he knows that in his heart: When UMNO accepts him back despite his condemnation of UMNO when Pak Lah was UMNO President: UMNO (read Melayu) Mudah Lupa.

    Najib thinks the rest of Malaysia and Melayu outside UMNO are like Melayu-UMNO: Anak Bangsa Malaysia Tak Akan Lupa.

    It goes to show that UMNO members have NO principles and no bollocks.

  6. What happened to Altanwhatsher name immigration record? Who ordered it to be deleted? Simple question, no answer. I'm with you Capt.

  7. Capt.

    Dr M seems to have forgotten that only a few weeks ago he said that the BN takeover of Perak was illegal. Now he says its OK.

    Looks like not only he MUDAH lUPA but also SUDAH NYANYOK!!!

  8. Dear anon,
    I respect our Capt. very much. Our Capt. same as other professionals & bloggers, has participated in his part in bringing progress to Malaysia either directly or indirectly.
    Our capt. has also revealed that he has assisted in the translation of marine technical terms from English to Malay Language.
    Doing "something" doesn't mean we have to be politicians or ministers. And sometimes, doing "nothing" is better than doing "something" that may not be beneficial to our country, if you know what I mean.

  9. As in the case of Khir Toyol, when the shit has started to float to the ceiling, perhaps you will only get your answers when there is a change in govt.

    For the moment capt., please be patient.

  10. Dear olde salty first matey:So drunk on Puerh, wit'my dearie, I even forgot my rank!)

    "Go steam right ahead!" I'm wit Thee aweDAwayguarding the Left-flank to makeSURE Dr Mis on shore and Najib's offshore, and Altantu..wat's her nama? is all soul'd over the nu'e PM:(

  11. I am dumbfounded that a man who was sacked from UMNO for being racist, then fractured it to gain total control and power, used it's membership as toilet paper and then plotted to overthrow the elected PM of the day and campaigned shamelessly for his son'd aborted elevation as head of UMNO Youth, can now be forgiven and be re-admitted into UMNO.

    I'm sure he's also behind this mad call and jockeying for Muk to be given a Cabinet post for achieving nothing yet for the Rakyat.

    Am I missing something or is the new UMNO beyond redemption?

  12. I remember the Bersih Cekap Amanah slogan from when I was a kid. I didn't know Mahathir too let ISA detainees go in the beginning, too young at the time.

    Need old timers like you to tell us youngsters what kinds of bull is being recycled!

  13. Well capt what you said come out true REJECTION.

  14. Capt., I have given up saying anything about the OLD FART. It is history, a distant memory. Let's all start anew and don't waste our precious time, not much left you know; on such babbling!!
    I was indeed surprised to hear your former shyster-boss talking about high morality! What was him before this old fart put him on the pedestal? Using LPK's cash to allow him to 'piratize Westports'? The saddest thing in this country is every leader will shout change but actually they just want these shyster-characters to change the direction of sending the cash!

  15. Long John Silver:

    Sorry I have to delete your comment.

    Altho I am also not his No 1 fan, I dont wish him dead.

  16. Comments from people like Donplaypuks validate a theory I studied many dreams ago - the theory of RELEVANCE (Sperber and Wilson, 1986).

    Human communication and communication is such that we process information we consider relevant, using premises and logic that will support them and deriving interpretations and implications we think are relevant.

    Negative premises (like rumour and slander) lead to negative interpretations and vice versa.

    Much of what we read and hear especially on the blogs and chats over coffee is conjecture and sometimes sheer illogic, syllogism and wild analogy.

    Last night I nearly puked when a group of women went on and on about you know who...
    Unless these juicy insinuations are proven there is still the benefit of the doubt.

    But I do agree with Ku Li in a letter to the editor of The Nutgraph that Najib should sue the foreign press to clear his name internationally!

    On the local front - Wallaahualam - as there's so much anger and resentment and very little good common sense!

  17. The cynic in me says that Najib ordered the release of 13 ISA detainees to make room for a new intake, viz. Anwar, LKS, leaders of PAS, etc.

  18. Old mariner, you hv sailed million miles & made more port of calls. But, We are r today ?

    Slandering seems yr only forte ! Just like RPK you guys are the new " Ali Baba " trade popularity for the loss of Malay Dignity. Be popular amongst the Chinese....go ahead if that what gives you the joy !!!

    Fizli Mansor

  19. Poor those two Azilah and Sirul whom are being prosecuted for, as you are implying, merely taking orders from Najib.

    Now, what is Anwar Ibrahim waiting for? This is his golden chance to topple Najib and save the two UTK guys from being a scapegoat. Present the evidences Anwar said he has that proves Najib was behind the killing of the Mongolian girl.

    Unless Anwar, your friend, is just a joker. Just like you are, Capt.


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